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How many Medical abortions can you have in a lifetime?

Medical abortion and surgical abortion, both are safe ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy. Although pregnancy termination helps to get rid of an unplanned pregnancy situation, it does not give the excess to have unprotected sexual intercourse every time and end it through pills or surgical instruments.

There are certain limitations on the number of pregnancy terminations that a woman can have in her lifetime.

The rare scenario of a woman getting uneventfully pregnant twice cannot be denied. In such a case, can she end her pregnancy again? How will it impact on her health? Will it have any after-effects on her future pregnancy or fertility? This blog aims to provide information on multiple abortions and how safe they can be.

The number of 

The number of abortion that you can have in a lifetime mainly depends on the number. Before you understand the safety in multiple abortions, you should understand different types of pregnancy termination.

that you can have in a lifetime mainly depends on the number. Before you understand the safety in multiple abortions, you should understand different types of pregnancy termination.

The medical abortion procedure:

In this procedure, the woman ends her unwanted pregnancy using abortion pills. The procedure involves administering the medication either at home or abortion center. Abortion pills function effectively on a pregnancy up to 9 weeks of pregnancy gestation.

When you buy abortion pills online or from stores near you, a combination of 2 medicines, Mifeprex and Cytolog. The medicines make changes in the hormones responsible for pregnancy & its growth. It further makes contractions in the uterus through which contents of pregnancy are expelled from the body.

The surgical abortion procedure:

Surgical abortion is performed at abortion clinics with the help of surgical instruments. Under this method, surgeons remove pregnancy tissues through suction or dilation method.

Which abortion method can you have multiple times?

Both methods are different and hence their impact on the body is also different. The procedure of medical pregnancy termination has temporary side effects including vomiting, nausea, fever, migraine, diarrhea, etc. The procedure does not have any permanent impact on the body.

The side effects do not even have any impact on future pregnancies. If you have had a medical abortion in your life, you are still eligible to have

That being said, a woman can have a medical abortion utmost thrice in her lifetime.

Surgical abortion may not show immediate side effects, it holds risks of infection to the reproductive area due to the usage of surgical instruments. Multiple abortions can have severely affected the woman’s health. You can have surgical abortion twice in your lifetime.

With any more surgical abortions, the intense effects on the body may become permanent in certain cases.

Why are multiple abortions unsafe?

Whichever method it may be, multiple abortion cases can obstruct the vaginal functions making it vulnerable reproductive organ. It can lead to a number of health risks to the woman. Hence, it is unsafe to have medical abortions more than thrice and surgical abortions more than twice.

Word of advice:

An unwanted pregnancy situation can be a sensitive issue for many women. If experienced, women should learn a lesson and must understand the importance of protected sexual intercourse. Women should use suitable contraceptive methods before getting into any sexual activity. This way, you can avoid multiple pregnancy termination cases.

Also, women should be educated about different precaution methods for intercourse. Precaution is always better ending up with risky situations such as multiple abortions.

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